Bed Sizes

Bed Dimensions

Bed Sizes vary from country to country and there are many different size options that are available. We have the bed dimensions for King Size Beds, Queen Size Beds, Full Size Beds and Twin Size Beds. There are other types of king sized beds, such as a Grand king size and of course plenty different custom sized beds. We also have a handy mattress size chart to scale that will help you get a visual example of the difference in bed sizes.

Also, check out our site dedicated to bed slats!

If you are wanting a closer look at the size differences between different types of king sized beds, King Size Bed Dimensions has a more indepth look!

King Size Bed Dimensions

King Bed Dimensions: 76″ Wide x 80″ Long
California King Bed Dimensions: 72″ Wide x 84″ Long

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Queen Bed Dimensions: 60″ Wide x 80″ Long

Full Size Bed Dimensions

Full Bed Dimensions: 54″ Wide x 75″ Long

Twin Size Bed Dimensions

Twin Bed Dimensions: 39″ Wide x 75″ Long